Corrosion Protection Film - BRANOfol

Corrosion protection film or VCI film is a special film which provides safe and efficient protection from corrosion. The film works according to the VCI principle.

The VCI film from BRANOpac is called "BRANOfol". The VCI films are used as follows:

The film constantly emits small amounts of active corrosion protection agents into the air within the packaging and also protects metal surfaces which are not in direct contact with the packaging as a result. The gap between the film and the metal depends upon the volume of the packaging as well as the permitted time until a protective atmosphere is constructed (a rule of thumb in this case is 10cm). Sufficient development of a protective atmosphere can last up to 20 hours depending on the volume of the packaging.


As well as VCI films, VCI papers are also very popular. The VCI paper from BRANOpac is called BRANOrost.


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