Flame Retardancy Paper – BRANOflame

Flame retardancy paper is a kraft paper that is coated with a special flame-retardant solution. It complies with the state material test office regulations regarding the extremely low flammability of paper used in rooms conforming to supervised construction safety requirements.

The environmentally-friendly material can be imprinted, painted, plastered, creased, tacked, cut or stamped. Due to the electric conductibility of the incombustible paper, static charge is prevented. Furthermore, BRANOflame is harmless to health and easy to dispose of.

The flame-retardant papers are used to line spray cabins and facilities, to cover drip-of zones, prepare partition walls, theatre sceneries and decorations, and to cover and wrap flammable or easily combustible products. Fire safety restrictions not only apply posters, menus or price sheets, but also stage sceneries and decorations (e.g. acoustic elements) in public buildings like exhibition halls or hotels.

The usage of flame-retardant paper leads to relief and safety as well as to cost savings.  For instance, the expensive process of removing lacquer residuals is no longer necessary.



On one hand, the usage of incombustible paper protects the building and indirectly saves costs since the restoration of fire damages can become really expensive. On the other hand – and much more important - the lives of thousands of people that daily are inside the public buildings and following could be victims of a fire are protected.


Create safety for yourself and your surrounding – with the aid of BRANOflame!

For further information about our flame retardancy paper BRANOflame, visit our website www.branopac.com.


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